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Sorry. I am writing the sentences of the linked diary in Japanese.

Vol.1  To Kathmandu (4.1~4.2.2010)
Takayama⇒ Kansai Airport ⇒Doha Airport ⇒Kathmandu Airport
It was a very long air travel.
But there were lots of discoveries and impressions.


Vol.2  "Kirtipur" (4.3.2010)
I went to Kirtipur with Mr. Rajendra.
Kirtipur was a lovely town.
I was deprived of the beauty of the streets.


Vol.3  "Nagarkot" (4.4.2010)
I enjoyed walking around Nagarkot this day.
I could not see the mountains of the Himalayas, but I enjoyed the beautiful rural scenery.
Nagarkot was a lovely village.

    Vol.4   "Pokhara" (4.5.2010)
The flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara was awesome.
I could see the mountains of the Himalayas from the plane.
The start of the trip to Pokhara for the third time was impressive.


Vol.5  "Pokhara⇒Nayapul⇒Tirkhedhunga" (4.6.2010)
I challenged trekking for the first time.
On this day I walked from Nayapul to Tirkhedhunga.
There were lots of excitement and discovery there.

    Vol.6   "Tirkhehunga⇒Ghorepani" (4.7.2010)
On the second day of trekking, I walked from Tirkhedhunga to Ghorepani.
On the way, I could see Annapurna South. It was a touching moment.
On this day, I have memories I can not forget.


Vol.7  "Ghorepani⇒Poon Hill⇒Ghorepani⇒Tadapani" (4.8.2010)
I went to Poon Hill early in the morning. I could see the mountains of Annapurna.
After that, I walked from Ghorepan to Tadapani.

    Vol.8 "Tadapani⇒Ghandrung⇒Birethati⇒Pokhara" (4.9.2010)
Early in the morning, I was able to see the mountains of Annapurna from Tadapani.
After that, I walked from Tadapani to Birethati.


Vol.9 "Purano Bazar" (4.10.2010)
On this day, I enjoyed walking around Purano Bazar.
I enjoyed having dinner with someone I got friendly with.

    Vol.10 "Jyoti Kendra" (4.11.2010)
In the morning, I visited Jyoti Kendra.
Jyoti Kendra is a nursery school.
Many teachings were prepared there.
There was high quality childcare there.

    Vol.11 "Gorkha" (4.12.2010)
I went from Pokhara to Gorkha.
Gorkha was a lovely town.
I was surprised by the splendor of the two royal palaces.

    Vol.12 "Gorkha⇒Kathmandu" (4.13.2010)
I returned from Korkha to Kathmandu.
The road was a heavy traffic jam.

    Vol.13 "Dhulikhel&Panauti&Bhaktapur" (4.14.2010)
I visited Dhulikhel and Panauti, Bhaktapur this day.
There was much impression. It was a very good day for me.

    Vol.14 "Pashupatinath&Patan&Changu Narayan" (4.15.2010)
I visited Pashupatinath and Patan,Changu Narayanthis day.
I spent most of this day at Patan.
I was fascinated by the splendor of the sculpture of the temples and the building of the royal palace.

HODAKA's Travel diary from Hidatakayama Japan 飛騨高山発信 穂高の旅日記